Monday, December 19, 2016

Catching up ...

Of late I've been too busy to post ... so here's a quick synopsis :

Hung out with the Simon and family at Thanksgiving:

Contemplated buying a little on-off road Yamaha (still contemplating & trying to persuade Jane that it's not as dangerous an undertaking as she imagines):

Much to my grandsons' amazement explained that you really don't need a computer to play solitaire! 

Hung out by the lake:

While driving in heavy Houston traffic a big truck veered into me far enough that his wing mirror struck my driver side window.  There was a loud bang and the window exploded showering me with glass.  Got it fixed just in time before the heavy rains started!


Helped the boys make gingerbread houses;

Helped decorate the tree:

Enjoyed one-on-one time with the boys:

Watched Simon Jr. and Sam dominate the court:

Kicked back on a cold winter's eve with my best bud, Merlin:

While Jane snuggled up with Dexter and Joanie:

Murphy (aka Shitbag) got a haircut:

And we mostly take it easy:


  1. That Yamaha looks like it would be alot of fun. Any plans on how you would transport it with your Chinook?

    1. I have installed a front receiver hitch on the Chinook and would use an aluminum motorcycle hitch carrier.

      Maybe this one: