Saturday, September 17, 2016

Catching Up On Recent Happenings

OK, so I haven't posted in a while.  In fact not a single stroke of the keyboard in three whole weeks! 

I'm still short on time, so just a few highlights:

Heading south from Waldport, stayed one night in Bullards Beach State Park, and of course just had to go to Face Rock Creamery to load up on cheese, and savor one of their enormous, and incredibly cheap ($2), ice creams. 

Passed through Weott, CA.  Wow! The top of that pole, way above my head, indicates the high water mark of the Christmas Flood of 1964. Affecting parts of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada the flood covered 152,789 acres!

Stayed overnight at the Sho-Ka-Wah Casino in Hopland, CA.  They gave me a $10 credit when I signed up for a players card.  Very nicely, I parlayed this into a $70 win on the slots 

Missing our friends in Sequim, it was great to get this selfie from Rachael (with Nancy, Steve and Jack) just as she too was about to depart for pastures new:

Oh no!  A deer ran in front of us on the 101.  Despite braking  hard I couldn't quite avoid him, and lost my front plate in the process.  I stopped as quickly as I could and went back to look, but both Bambi and the plate had vanished from sight!

At Spring Lake Campground:  Duh!  Only in California:

Having grown accustomed to the peace and quiet of the PNW, not too thrilled to be back in the chaos that is OC.

Although Joanie seemed to quickly adjust to life back home:

For the record, we notched up 5,753 miles over 159 days, using 570.4 gallons, for an average of 10.1 mpg.  

We're absolutely thrilled that Colin landed his dream job in Northern California.  Here we are about to say bon voyage:

He seems to be settling in to his new life in NorCal:

Back in the OC, Big Bird paid us a visit:

I was attacked by a couple of giant bears

And Gus, the robot, has found a way of sneaking up on Dexter:

Perhaps more anon, but for now, That's All Folks!

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