Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What's wrong with these people?????


What's wrong with these people?

Don't they know anything about boondocking & dry-camping etiquette?

Are they just sheep that they have to flock together?  Perhaps they are just plain dumb inconsiderate morons!

There we were, happily dry-camped on this HUGE, EMPTY, parking lot at 7 Cedars Casino, with PLENTY of space all around for anyone else who happened to come along.

There we were enjoying the views, the quiet, the tranquility...

Then it happened...

This old guy rolls up in his Class 'C' and not only parks real close to us but also immediately fires up his NOISY generator to make his cup of tea or whatever!

And then, within minutes, some other bozo rolls up in a van conversion and parks right next to us!

Screw that!

I've up and moved to the far side of the lot.

And I'm hoping they don't follow!

Oh no!

Frickin' unbelievable!

The old guy has actually gone and followed us to the other side of the lot!

And now he's parked right behind us!

Mon dieu!


  1. Herd mentality! The campers, seeking company and the protection of other's of like kind, form a ring around each other to protect the smaller trailers, younger and weaker ones within, fending off the wolves (5th wheelers and large bus campers) that work in pacs that try to separate the young and the weak within the protective circle.

  2. I hear ya! I'm the same way, even when people get too close to me in lines. Give me space!!

  3. I see this all the time, even when I park my car at the end of the lot, I come out and somebody is parked right next to me nice and tight.... I think I would go out and explain to the guy who moves close to you that you'd like some privacy, but then these days you never know what kind of reaction you might get.

    Have a great holiday!

  4. Time to invest in a small, portable white picket fence, astro turf, and a few gaudy plastic pink flamingos to make a parameter around your space even if the gaudy display does not drive them away at least you have some defensible space!

  5. That one picture of the guy that followed you through the screen door/rear shot; that is creepy, and I have to say, based on his size, and posture, you found Big Foot/Sasquatch! Even with this blurry image you can see he as a few of the tell tale signs; short limbs, short crotch, large belly. The stride has a Mid-tarsal break in the foot/heel area for quick jaunts that lean forward for an angled gait to claim seating at any Indian Casino Buffet, Paranthropus mandibles for aggressive grazing at said Casino Buffet's too. Excellent job siting the elusive Big Foot of the Pacific Northwest!