Saturday, May 14, 2016

On the scales

Used the truck scales at Waldport to check our Chiinook's weight by axle.  

Useful to know, not only for GVWR compliance, but also for determining correct tire pressures.

Front:    3,150
Rear:      7,450
Total:   10,600

GVWR: 10,700


  1. Don't you just love Oregon, with their many free-to-the-public scales? I just weighed near Eugene the other day. I especially like how you typically have one to yourself, and can take the time to put only one side on the scale (to extrapolate right and left weights) and/or unhitch a trailer to check tongue weight and things like that. (Washington scales are free/open too, but I haven't found as many smaller un-crowded ones.)

    1. Yep, hard to beat Oregon, in oh so many ways!

  2. Such a great idea! I bet the rest stops in Oregon are really nice too.