Thursday, May 19, 2016

300 miles later

We've moved about 300 miles north since my last post:

A brief stop in Wheeler to check out the antique stores, but no joy on this occasion:

Exercised the dogs on the beach at Manzanita:

Spent one night at Fort Stevens - simply too many mosquitoes to stay longer!  Looked into a couple of independent RV parks in Astoria but they were both pretty grim so we decided to move on sooner than originally planned.  Before leaving town we bathed the dogs at a DIY dog wash, and enjoyed an excellent lunch at Fulio's.

Crossed into Washington.  Passed through the little town of Chinook:

Stayed at the KOA in Bay Center, on Willapa Bay.

Almost ran into Sasquatch:

We were careful to avoid trolls:

Camped the night at Kalaloch in the Olympic National  Forest:

Drove into the Hoh rainforest, which more than lived up to its description for most of the day:

Although we did enjoy an occasional break in the rain:

Met a fellow traveler who happens to have a similar taste in license plates.  He's "roving", while I'm "roaming".

Finally, we've put down roots in beautiful Sekiu for the next day or two.  Earlier this evening we watched sea eagles and sea lions.

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  1. Mosquitos already/so soon? I think those "trolls" are actually local speak for mosquitos....
    Sasquatch crossings can be dangerous. They have a tendency to strike up conversations about current events, politics, or the weather; wait, that is my nosy neighbor back here at home! Now I know where these yeti's come from!