Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cape Blanco

We've moved a bit further north, and will be staying at Cape Blanco State Park, Oregon for a few nights.


  1. What a exclusive and private place you have with the Chinook! Really, really nice! How close is the beach to your camp location? Also, does Dexter get some off leash time? Joanie sure is happy, and responds to your whistles, nice!

    1. Yes, Dexter loves to run free on the beach.

      From our camp site to the beach is about half a mile down a steep narrow lane.

  2. Thanks for the details! Glad to hear Dexter gets some off leash time. When we go to the beach, my wife lets me have some off leash time too :-)

    So, fairly close to your campsite the beach is, out of the wind on the actual sand but still accessible.