Friday, March 18, 2016

Tire Rotation

In advance of our next trip, and with an odometer reading of 52,810, it was time to rotate my Yokohama YK-HTX all season tires.  So this morning found me bright and early at America's Tire in Lake Forest.

America's Tire (aka Discount Tires) includes free rotation and spin balance with the original purchase price of the tires.  This was the first time I had availed them of this service ... and things could have gone better!

Firstly, one of the service guys decided to pump up his jack by standing on it.  For balance, he grabbed hold of the plastic handle on the rear storage compartment, snapping it off in the process.  Lord only knows where I'm going to find a replacement!

Secondly, the wheel simulator on the passenger side front was put on without regard for the location of the valve.  It had to be refitted so that the valve stem correctly aligned with the opening in the simulator.

Thirdly, the wheel simulator on the passenger side duallies had been installed such that the braided stainless steel valve extenders were not centered in the corresponding openings in the simulator, giving rise to the risk of abrasion if not corrected.  Refitting correctly took an inordinate amount of time and effort.

Fourthly, they somehow lost the valve extenders for the front wheels and did not have replacements.  I had to pick up a pack from nearby Pep Boys!  

Oy vey!


  1. Oy vey, indeed! Going to a tire shop is enough of a dreaded event for me that, if possible, I now remove my wheels/tires at home and bring them in via car. Gives me practice in tire changing! However, I realize that's a bit radical. But even when I do take the Chinook in to a tire shop, I always remove the simulators myself first, then put them on again afterward. It's just way too easy for them to mess them up.

    Between simulator wrecking, lug nut over-torqueing, extender loss, date code on the inside (really?) -- oh, and now I can add compartment door latch ruining, it's just too much. Ugh! And that's not even counting the time a tire shop lifted my Chinook until it hit the roof beams (against my protests).

    As a side note, since I have the extended stems (vs. stem extenders), it's much more of an issue to rotate tires (stems are different on front, rear outside, and rear inside). So I have read the various debates on rotating with interest. I used to think you could only rotate radials front to back, which complicated things. Recently a few sources that I consider reasonably informed have said that they only rotate the fronts side-to-side, and don't do the rears at all (on a dually). This kind of makes sense as the rears really have no way to wear unevenly (unless something is really wrong). And if one has to replace any tires "prematurely," it would be the front two and not all six.

    Sorry you had such an exasperating day. Tire shops.... ugh!!

  2. I bought a set of tires and wheels for my 34' 5th wheel at my local Discount Tire in Seattle last summer. It was time to rotate them when I got to Jacksonville, FL. I found a local Discount Tire and they correctly rotated my trailer tires as I requested. Additionally, it was time to rotate the OEM tires on my 2013 Ford truck. I was willing to pay for this service, but they insisted it was FREE! Great experience for me.