Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If the shoe fits ...

Apparently, Jane does not share my view that when you are on the road in a small RV all you need are the sneakers you are wearing and a pair of water shoes for when you use a public shower.  It seems that in addition, she needs boots for when it's cold, sandals for when it's hot, dressier shoes for (the unlikely situation) when we go somewhere posh, and probably more besides.  Now, in a twenty-one foot Chinook there just ain't much space, but following the maxim that sometimes it's better to adapt than fight, I've added a shelf to the small cupboard under the refrigerator so that she can double stack all that unnecessary leather, plastic, and whatnot.  She may disagree that she's excessive, but, oh well, if the shoe fits ...


  1. But what about those black tie affairs at dry camping space 126 near Kalispell, Wyoming? Surely you are packing your ascot and monocle plus your top hat and spats?

    1. Only if they up and move Kalispell from MT to WY :)