Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nexus 5X

After 1,401 days of faithful service my Galaxy S II Skyrocket has been retired in favor of a carbon Nexus 5X.

Several factors drew me to this particular device, including: complete absence of bloatware, latest Android version with updates from Google not from the carrier, price ($299), unlocked, the right size for me, ergonomically pleasing location of the fingerprint reader, perfectly adequate technical specs, free fast delivery.  Altogether a very sweet piece of kit!


  1. How did you know you had your phone 1,401 days? I can hardly keep track of how many days are each month of the year :-)

  2. Hope you recycled your old phone

    1. Not yet - still works if you want it! Thinking about listing it on Glyde ... according to their site it might be worth a shekel or two

  3. Shekel or two? I have a few silver Denarius coins I could trade you :-)