Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Staying flexible!

Yesterday we thought we had it all planned out.  The Chinook was loaded, ready and waiting for us to hit the road.  With nothing left to prepare we figured we'd have a lazy morning at home, visit our favorite Day Spa for a relaxing massage around noon, then drive the 80 miles or so to Cabazon where we would dry-camp at Morongo Casino.  Nice.

Hah!  So much for that!

Jane woke up feeling quite unwell so for most of the day it looked like our trip was in total jeopardy.  Like a light switch it was off/on/off/on.  We swung by the doc's office around 2 pm.  A blood test was ordered, but should she get it done in the afternoon or the next morning?  There were pros and cons for each.  More discussion.  In the end Jane decided to go to the lab in the morning.  So should we stay at home or, since the RV was ready to go, maybe we should camp somewhere local?  More discussion!  In the end we drove a few miles up Trabuco Canyon and stayed the night at O'Neill Regional Park.  The dogs were so excited; they remembered O'Neill from long ago when we used to go there for weekends.  We quickly settled in and stayed up till gone midnight binge watching 'The Paradise'.  This morning we breakfasted early before taking a short drive to visit the friendly vampires at LabCorp.  With that done, more discussion.  Should we call it quits and go home, stay camping locally, or stick to the original plan, albeit a day late?  Finally, with Jane feeling a little better, we're off to the Casino & Outlet Mall, and all being well, Palm Springs after that.

Yeh baby, ya gotta stay flexible!


  1. Glad Jane is feeling much better and that you are off on your planned adventure! Travel safely!

  2. For sure, your Tustin friends are pleased to hear Jane is okay and you are off on your trip to Palm Springs!

    Enjoy the desert and hope to hear more of your adventures soon!