Thursday, January 14, 2016

Borrego Springs

Finally after all the repairs and upgrades we are back on the road.  Yay!

We arrived in Borrego Springs last night and are boondocking just off Rockhouse Canyon Road.  It was pretty windy during the night which upset Joanie - she's been bothered by wind when we are in the RV ever since the tree crashed on top of us in Nashville last year.

Thankfully today it was calm enough to fly my drone - a birthday prezzie from Colin!

I don't have enough bandwidth here in the desert to upload some of the drone's video footage but here's one of the still images I shot earlier today - an aerial view of the Chinook:


  1. Pretty cool picture! Got a good laugh out of your weather widget, it says for Borrego Springs high for Wednesday is 111, you should of ordered some ice with that amazon purchase! ;)

    Take care,


  2. Nice view! Gives a real birds eye overview of the area!