Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Makeover - Part 3

Collected the Chinook today - fully refreshed with new upholstery, flooring, and shades - installation by Lorin at The Recovery Room

New Captain's Chairs from Flexsteel
Cab area re-carpeted, and WeatherTech All-Weather mats added for heavy wear areas
Wood floor - fully extends under cabinets, sofa, etc.
Jackknife Sofa and Dinette reupholstered with new high-grade foam and heavy-duty fabric
Replaced the old pleated blinds with custom MCD day-night shades and valances


  1. Looks fabulous!

    A couple of questions, of course :D

    1) When you say the flooring goes under the dinette, cabinets, etc. Did you have them gut the rig of kitchen base cabinets, sofa, dinette bases, etc.? Or if not, did they cut separate pieces and do those sections separately? Lastly, did you leave the wheelwells carpeted?

    2) Did you by chance get a new window above the sofa? It almost looks like you now have windows with a lower jalousie section instead of the slider (I used to have those in another camper and loved them).

    Did I mention it's AMAZING. Wow!!!

    1999 Concourse

  2. PS: Okay, I figured out the theoretical new window dividing bar: It's the sun shade portion of the MCD shades down part way. So never mind question #2

    1. Thanks for comments.

      Yes, sofa and dinette bases were removed prior to installing floor.

      Yes, that "bar" is the bottom of the day shade

    2. Forgot to answer your question about the wheel well arch ... yes re-carpeted ... here are a couple of photos

  3. Looks like a new RV! Congrats on the interior work and I can't wait to see it in person, okay?

    1. You bet - we should meet up some time soon :)