Saturday, December 19, 2015

Getting ready for Christmas

It's been more than thirty years since I last put up any kind of outdoor Christmas lights.  I'm not sure why this year is different, but somehow it is, and now we have a buck and a doe illuminating our gate.  

Strange to note: yesterday when we were shopping for decorations we realized that most all of them had little or nothing to do with the traditional Christmas narrative. 

Though pretty, a buck and a doe hardly figure in the story of Christmas.  

Beacons of political correctness they may be, but the charming squirrel and owl now sitting atop our piano are equally irrelevant 

Why has our world so embraced this dispiriting 'Holiday' political 'correctness'? 

Perhaps we should all stop and reflect just why we really celebrate this season.

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  1. And the cat plus dogs do not bother the owl and squirrel? Shirley the bird is interested in these new residences?