Thursday, November 12, 2015

Je vais jouer le célibataire

At LAX Starbucks
Je vais jouer le célibataire ... or in other words I'm Batching It!

Jane and Tiffany, hopped a Virgin flight last evening to spend a couple of weeks back in the UK, sightseeing and visiting family.  

As for me, absent ball and chain, I'm aiming (pun intended) to spend some time at the gun range, do a little woodworking, cook up a rib eye or two, catch a few blood-and-guts action movies, probably treat myself to a new 'toy' if I can find what I'm looking for, take care of maintenance items on the Subie & 'nook, and of course tend the menagerie (which for now also includes Tiffany's rabbit).  

Very tasty!  The wings, that is!
Also I'm thinking maybe it's a good time to go snag a beer and a few wings for lunch!  I think I know just the right place!

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