Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wright's Beach

At last I've got some free time to catch up on blog posts, check on what's going on in the world, and take care of a few chores - we've been super busy spending time with Tiffany; also when we took a trip to Wright's Beach on the coast we were completely without internet service for several days.

Wright's Beach itself is expansive, empty, and a great place for the dogs to run (they are supposed to remain on leash, but oh well).  The ocean here is particularly dangerous and the camp host strongly cautions visitors as to the risks.  Apparently there is a sudden 40' drop into the ocean depths not far from the shoreline, and 'sneaky' waves are prevalent.

The campground is divided into a couple of loops, with the lower numbers being the preferred location.  Sites 1 through 10 face directly onto the beach but are usually booked six months ahead.  We managed to get into the better loop only because of a cancellation, but in site 15 we were just a short walk from the beach.  The campground has well maintained toilets but no showers or dump facility.  Apparently these are available not too far away at Bodega Dunes (we did not need them so cannot comment specifically).

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