Monday, October 26, 2015

Topaz Lake, NV

The CA/NV border bisects Topaz Lake.  On the NV side is Topaz Lodge Resort & Casino.  The camp site provides full hook-ups, nearby showers, views of the lake, and a 24 hour general store.  Price was only $22 :)  On the negative side the restaurant was more like a low end diner :(


  1. Low end diner? Visions of paper plates and plastic tumblers for coffee mugs come to mine, with the cook (would not say chief!) wearing a dirty wife beater t-shirt and a cigarette dangling from him chapped lips......

    1. No, not that bad, but sloppy service, over-salted, over-cooked, diner quality food, with disproportionately high prices. Nice view though!