Monday, October 26, 2015

Mono Lake - Boondocking

Turning off 395 towards the lake on Picnic Grounds Road we found a few spots to boondock


  1. Did you feel more confident with the extra 2 inch lift of your Chinook on this trip?

    1. Extra ground clearance is definitely an advantage. Driving on dirt roads though often presents challenges other than just ground clearance. For example at Mono Lake I worked my way down one dirt road where bushes were occasionally scraping the sides. As the track began to narrow further I decided to reverse about 1/4 mile to where I thought I could turn around. Weighing 10,700 lbs total, with about 7,000 lbs on the back axle, in soft sand it's fairly easy to sink in, so turning around got a little 'interesting', and for a while the air turned a little bluer.