Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Two birds with one stone

Today I killed two birds with one stone, so to speak ... I took Colin to lunch to celebrate his birthday, and at the same time checked off one of the items on my bucket list ... namely. enjoy the sumptuous delights of a Monte Cristo sandwich ... and for such a joint mission where better than Le Chateau Garden Bistro in Costa Mesa, famed for serving the very best Monte Cristo in Orange County, most likely the entire West Coast: 

The Monte Cristo from Le Chateau at the Ayres Hotel and Suites Costa Mesa has received numerous accolades and has been hailed as the best Monte Cristo in Orange County.  The deep-fried, double-decker of bliss is turkey, ham, Swiss cheese and powdered sugar dipped in egg batter and served with raspberry Chambord jelly.  


  1. Oh my goodness. Please don't do that again.

  2. I am confused; it this a dessert or a main dish?

    Curious why Tiffany said not to do this again; Jealous Tiffany :-)

    1. It is a main dish. A very gooey yummy main dish! At the same time both savory and sweet. To die for!

      Tiffany's looking after my welfare - pointing out that this fabulous sandwich is actually totally evil - yes, quite literally to die for! With all that gooey greatness it's guaranteed to clog arteries so fast that there'll never be any time left to check off any of the other items on the bucket list!

  3. Oh, got it! Was thinking Tiffany was jealous she was not there to enjoy as well, to "not do that again" without her being there to also partake of the tasty meal/company of you and her brother.

  4. I believe the Monte Cristo at Disney's Blue Bayou Restaurant is highly rated, and they're in Orange County, too.