Friday, September 11, 2015

Repair Status - Day 87 - Finished at last!

After 144 days since the accident, and 87 long days at the repair shop, we finally have our Chinook back home again!  

Ready and waiting for us
Exterior is like new again!

Thanks to Deaver Springs we have gained a couple of extra inches of ground clearance
Back home at last!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I have been looking forward to this day too for a long time!

    Can we have a "Repair" party soon after the 26th?

  2. ...and not a day to soon -- just as they re-introduce a brand new Chinook RV for 2016 (on a Class B platform for starters; New Class C is due to roll out soon):

    1. Thanks for the link and heads up concerning the Sprinter based Chinook - seems to me there is a lot of competition in the compact Sprinter category - wondering why someone would choose a new entrant in this crowded field

      Looking forward to seeing the production launch of the C