Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More O' Morro

It's such perfect weather here in Morro Bay that we decided to extend our visit till the end of the week.

The store at Morro Dunes is pretty well equipped with miscellaneous RV spare parts.  This turned out to be very useful as my city water fill check valve assembly decided to rupture and they had the perfect replacement unit in stock.


  1. Absolutely beautiful there! Quick, local Morro Bay quiz for your faithful readers; "What famous athlete lived in Morro Bay?" Hint: "He would do a publicity stunt every 5-10 years as he got older and pulled a line of small boats in water to show how fit he was."

  2. Nobody knows the answer to the riddle? Okay, another hint; He was an exercise guru and sold juicing machines to promote good health.