Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Repair Status - Day 70

We visited Premier Motorcoach this morning to check on repair status.  The fiberglass work is complete other than some final polishing.  The new A/C, solar panels, roof rack, vents, and ladder are in place.  Color matching of the replacement internal cabinet has been tricky, but is almost there.  Completion of the cabinet rebuild and a few other minor tasks should be finished very soon; then it will be time for the suspension work at nearby Deaver Springs.  


  1. Wow, almost like new! The A/C unit looks different, or I just don't remember the older one, is this a new, more efficient model?

    Are you happy with the solar panel work? The lacquer on the work parts is that water based, or oil?

    1. Yep, new A/C and new A/C cover. The cover is a bit different, but same model underneath. The internal parts (controls/vents) are still original

      They still have a small job to finish on the solar, but yes they have done a good job. The panel and fittings were all supplied by AM Solar who did the original install.

      Not sure if the finish is oil or water based.

  2. Thanks for your reply, and details! Glad to hear the cover protected the internal parts from the tree!

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