Monday, August 24, 2015

Building a Knowledge-Base using Snapzu

First a little background:

Like most people these days, very rarely do I read books or magazines printed on paper; instead most of my reading material comes from the internet, accessed via PC, laptop, tablet & smartphone.

Over the years I've used a variety of news and information aggregators (e.g. RSS, Flipboard, Reddit, etc.) to gather information; a great way to garner facts and opinions from sources other than mainstream media.  

Every so often I run across articles, videos, images, and other material that I want to retain for future reference.  I've tried keeping hold of this information using a variety of methods, including but not limited to browser bookmarks, and applications such as Evernote and Pocket.  

I belong to a number of social media groups; some are general in nature (e.g. Twitter) others are topic specific (e.g. RVs, custom framing, auto).  These are sources of additional information as well as being venues for passing on relevant knowledge.

What's wrong with this picture?

All of the above is pretty normal stuff.  Right?  Yep, everyone does it.

So what's the problem?  The problem, from a Knowledge-Base perspective, is that the process of reading, archiving, sharing, and expanding upon information is spread out over many different application services.

A better approach would be to build a living Knowledge-Base that develops organically without additional effort and is maintained through normal daily processes.

This is where I think Snapzu could be of value:

Snapzu is an ad-free global community of web communities, with thousands of user-run 'tribes' across a plethora of topics and ideas.   As such it acts as a news and information aggregator, as a searchable repository for links, articles, pics, videos, and text, and as a topic-centric discussion forum.  Additionally members can append links and comments to existing posts, thus organically expanding the knowledge base.  Members can indicate the importance, or relevance, of a given item by up or down voting the post.   Another feature is the ability to assign an item to a number of different 'tribes' (i.e. areas of interest).  Thus for example a post about National Parks might be of interest to the RV community, hikers, and photographers and as such could be simultaneously attributed to all three areas of interest.  More information about other Snapzu features can be found by clicking here.

Looking to build a repository of RV related information I recently took over responsibility for (i.e. became the 'Chief' of) Snapzu's RV Tribe.  Hopefully over time, with input from Snapzu's ever growing membership, it will become a truly useful base of RV knowledge. As such, I would encourage readers of this blog to at least take a peek at what's currently there.  Beyond that, consider joining Snapzu and help grow a veritable storehouse of information.

Membership of Snapzu is free, but is by individual invitation only.  I have a number of invitation codes available.  If you would like one just send me an email.  It's that easy.