Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Repair Status - Day 43:

My insurance company has approved the repair estimate - so the repair shop has started to strip the damaged parts to confirm what has to be done.  All the dirt on the roof is debris from the tree - before the accident the roof was clean, smooth and shiny!

Aft section of roof after removing damaged roof rack
Forward section of roof after removing A/C and solar panels.
Roof mount points for ladder after removing damaged ladder
Inspecting the damaged roof rack - skewed to starboard from the impact & weight of the tree


  1. Wow, look at that hole! Is this repair going to involve covering up all holes, including the rack holes, then putting in new holes with different positions of the rack mounting since the original holes may have been compromised when the tree fell?

    1. It's a significant process that will take time. The good news is that there are very few hairline cracks in the fiberglass. Generally these are only in the immediate vicinity of mount points. Damaged areas are being completely ground out; next new fiber glass will be built up; then the whole roof will be completely refinished. Only when the roof is back to as-new condition will the new hardware be installed (i.e. rack, ladder, A/C, solar etc). Interior repairs will follow, and finally the suspension will be replaced.

      The guys that are doing the repair are experts - here are some examples of their work

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