Friday, July 10, 2015

Long long ago ...

Long, long ago (actually 50 years to this very day) in a far distant land (England), a young man traveled great distances (really only about 11 miles) to visit a friend who had been injured falling from his trusty steed (actually a Vespa scooter).  Had the young man realized the portent of this journey, had he known what dark powers awaited, he may well have traveled in a different direction, but he knew not!  Upon arriving at the citadel's gates (really his friend's bedroom), to his great surprise, he found his friend not alone.  Instead, a young maid, his friend's niece, was also waiting there.  Perchance all would have been well had it not been for the maid's wicked (actually adorable) grandmother; for it was she who, with the passage of time, conspired to unite our hero and aforesaid comely lass.  Had our hero resisted the grandmother's offer of vast coinage (actually ten shillings) to escort the maid on a quest (really to take her to the movies) perhaps their lives would not have intertwined, but intertwine they did, and tangled they remain.  Forsooth, the fickle finger of fate was upon them.


  1. Congratulations from Greg and Janet! What a wonderful story done in a "poem" style!

  2. Um Dad, are you feeling okay?

  3. Well I think it is great and Mom looks great in the picture.