Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Manitou Springs

We're staying in Manitou Springs at Pikes Peak RV Campground - well managed, close to town, view of Pikes Peak, creek trail behind our campsite, small park with river and pond adjacent to campground, reasonable rates.  Recommended.

Manitou Springs provides a free shuttle that stops right outside the campground - easy way of going to town for the evening.  Call a number on your phone for schedule information for your specific stop.

Lots of tourist frippery, bars, and live music in town:

Nearby are the Manitou Springs Cave Dwellings, amazingly preserved:

Snow covered Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods:

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  1. I gotta use that term, "Frippery!" Gosh, do I see a lot of that when we travel!

    Excellent photos, and just the place we would visit too. Amazing the parking is "right there" to the ruins. So nice of the "ancient ones" to have the forethought or a premenision that cars would be around to park close!