Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Waynesville, NC

Downtown Waynesville is a vibrant, friendly small town nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with magnificent mountain views of the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Lots of goodies for the pups!

Amazingly elegant police station:

Mast General Store - fun place to shop for all manner of stuff

I'm thinking this would be a neat place to live - very affordable real estate!


  1. Look at that affordable real estate! With "California" dollars, we could buy a whole city block :-)

  2. Forgot to comment on that police station; looks like a community center; sure beats our cinder block barbed wire facilities we have here. Thanks for checking out the Antique Shops! All the brick too, sidewalk, buildings, really neat! Did Joanie or Dexter get a "treat" from Dog Bakery? Heck, I would eat one of those cookies; and knowing me, I would not know the difference; I love cookies!