Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Turning Point

We've said farewell to Asheville and have started our homeward trek.

At the turning point we had logged 5,425 miles, using 523.4 gallons (US) for an average gas consumption of 10.4 mpg.

One of the compelling reasons for leaving today was to try and take advantage of a tiny weather window that gave us a shot at slipping between a couple of storms.  We noticed that the system moving toward us had a small break between its north and south segments.  We figured that with luck and a fair wind we could squeeze through this gap - and we pretty much did, apart from catching some heavy rain from the tail end of the northern clump as we drove through Nashville.

Nashville this afternoon
Looking at NOAA radar it seems that Asheville is about to catch some pretty nasty stuff later tonight and for the next couple of days, so much as though we were sorry to leave what had become our 'home' for the last few weeks, maybe we made the right decision - no doubt we'll find out as we continue our westward journey.  

We are now at WallyWorld in Paducah, KY.  Our next stop will be St. Louis, and from there we're hoping to cut across Missouri and Kansas before the next big storm heads up through the plains.

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  1. My VW collector friends tell me things in Austin are really bad. Such weather, and if only we could build a pipeline and divert that water to California!