Sunday, May 31, 2015

Storm Dodging

The last few days we've been moving pretty rapidly across country, dodging a few big storm systems, with no time to post to the blog.

Now that we've stopped for a few days here's a synopsis of what we've been up to:

From Paducah, KY we cut across to Cairo, IL:

Then ran up to Cape Girardeau, MO:

And on to St. Louis:

I didn't realize till later, but driving the cobbled streets near the arch at Laclede's Landing obviously jiggled loose the end cap to my dump hose storage pipe.  A few miles up the freeway a truck driver noticed that it was slipping out and honked to get my attention, but by the time I could pull over it was lost and gone :(  Fortunately I always carry a spare, so no big deal, and in any event I was able to pick up another when we spent the night at WallyWorld in Boonville.

Pressing on to dodge more storms we passed through Kansas City, MO into Kansas City, KS.

After successfully dodging many storms there was no way of getting around this one!  We really needed to avoid the red sections, which were producing severe hail.

We dropped back from Ellis to Hays hoping the storm would swing to the north.  It didn't!  Fortunately we were able to tuck into the lee of WallyWorld's building thereby avoiding the worst of the high winds; even better the red section passed just to the south of us so we had heavy rain but no hail :)

The next morning the skies were clear and we continued west across Kansas into Colorado:

As we approached Colorado Springs the weather started to close in again:

After another wet WallyWorld night in Colorado Springs we have settled for a few days close to Manitou Springs and The Garden of The Gods:

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  1. Can I say "You are a road warrior now!" That is an amazing round about driving of driving! The goal of course is to get those all important stickers, no cheating, for I will know as I put a tracking device on the Chinook just ink case and I am verifying your GPS coordinates (just kidding!)

    Glad to hear you are safe and sound in Colorado, in the Garden of the Gods; fitting place to hang out since you have driven through "Hell" the last few days.

    I can see why folks in the mid west are a bit more religious minded; one can truly find faith in such adverse weather conditions. Here on the West Coast it is hard to believe such weather. As many know here in Southern California, all anyone does is sit under a palm tree with a coconut drink in one hand while wiggling one's toes in the warm sand, watching the surf and the sunset over the horizon.