Thursday, May 14, 2015

More tiring!

I was pretty ticked off last weekend when we were staying at Asheville West KOA to find that one of my brand new tires was flat as a pancake!

For the second time this trip I had to call Good Sam Roadside Assistance - they put on the spare and pointed out that the flat had been caused by a bad valve stem, even though it was new - bad fitting I suppose.

So after our visit to Mt. Pisgah we came back to Asheville a couple of days ago to have Discount Tires check the tire, fit a replacement valve stem, and verify all the others were OK.


  1. When I have new tires fitted, I do a walk around with my hand, and "flick" the stems on the new tires; about 2 our of 4 times I get a quick "hiss" and then I tell the flunky at the tire store replace the stem. I learned this "test" from my watchmaking buddy who used to work for Mercedes as a level III technician. Works every time!

    1. Good idea, but it's almost impossible to reach valve stems on duallies.

      It was an inner duallie that had the bad stem - probably because they had stressed it when installing the braided extender