Saturday, May 2, 2015

Knoxville, TN

Traveled to Knoxville to pick up Jane's prescription.  Spent the afternoon in Market Square, where we had lunch at Tupelo honey Cafe (good food but noisy), and looking around the (rather seedy) Old City.

Good timing for our visit as the Blue & Gray Reunion and Freedom Jubilee was being held in conjunction with the State of Tennessee Civil War Sesquicentennial Event.  Lots of period attire and exhibits.

Another night at another Wally World awaits.

Market Square:

At Tupelo Honey Cafe:


  1. Now those photos of the square with the outdoor eating and bicycles, is that the seedy part? Looks pretty nice from the photos.

    How was the beer?

    Glad to see in your earlier post another sticker added to the map! I am making a collection of these photos, so keep them coming!

    1. Photos are of Market Square, not Old City.

      Rather unusual Arnold Palmer, not beer (driving).

  2. Oh, Arnold Palmer; from the photo, looked like beer!