Thursday, May 7, 2015

A little further east

The drive east from Knoxville to Newport, TN was pleasant but unexceptional however from Newport across the 70 toward Asheville, NC was simply gorgeous.  We stopped in Marshall to let the dogs run in a delightful little park on Blannahassett Island.

In Asheville we are staying at Wilson's Riverfront RV Park - pleasant enough with excellent access to the river, trails, and amenities, but significant road noise from the freeway.  Here's the view from our campsite (#5):

Ashville itself is probably the highlight of our trip so far (at least for me) - mountain vibe, artsy, GREAT restaurants, burgeoning beer scene, street performers, proximity to Blue Ridge Parkway and panoramic vistas, history, phenomenal 1920's Grove Arcade, plus everyone we have met has been super friendly and helpful.

Oh, and it's a chocoholic's dream:

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  1. That is a neat Woolworth store! And how everything is so clean too! Interesting "wall" to make a list of things to do before you die! Does the chocolate bar melt in the drink? Looking at the greenery, and the water sure reminds me of wetter days in California. Rain is coming tomorrow, and I can't wait!