Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sweetwater Wally World

We're spending the night at Sweetwater's Wally World before heading to Tellico Plains, and from there into the Smokies.

We didn't find much to look at in Sweetwater's downtown area - partly because there's not a whole lot there anyway, but mostly because of our own stupidity - we thought it was strange that all the stores were closing at 4pm when all the signs said they closed at 5pm  - then we realized we'd just crossed into eastern time!  Duh!

As Wally Worlds go this one is pretty nice:

Large grass area for Joanie to play fetch:

And their free WiFi works great, even from the far corner of their parking lot:


  1. So, I have a question; you can just "park" off the side like this in Wal-Mart's parking lot, and security (I assume security, someone with a triple chin and a 60 inch waist line tooting around in a golf cart) does not bother you?

    1. Not all Walmarts permit over night RV parking, e.g. because of city ordinances. Many do. Even though there are apps that let you know which ones permit over night stays it is customary, and only courteous, to ask. They obviously expect you to stay away from the main parking area adjacent to the store so as not to interfere with other shoppers. I've not seen security guards at Walmarts but there are often cameras. We generally prefer to stop at 24-hour stores which always have people around. Occasionally we see police cruisers in the vicinity.

      We have stayed at other similar locations (e.g. The mall in Eugene, OR) where there are patrolling security guards, and more formal rules (e.g. Have to get and display pass issued by security)

      The arrangement with Walmart benefits both RVers and the store. We stock up on groceries and any RV supplies that we need while we are there.

  2. I did not think of the grocery angle/supplies angle, that makes sense for them to offer this service then at certain locations, as city ordinances allow.