Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Given the fable surrounding the two cities it seemed only appropriate that on leaving Nacogdoches, TX we would head east to Natchitoches, LA.

Along the way we passed through Many, LA.  With a population of only 2,700 maybe it should consider renaming itself!

On reaching Natchitoches we took a peek at a couple of campgrounds: the new one on Luke Road was down a muddy lane in a muddy field; Dogwood Ridge was up a steep slope and at $35 way over priced.  We settled instead for another free evening at a very busy Wally World.

Natchitoches, Louisiana's oldest town, is the quaint and perky town featured in the movie 'Steel Magnolias'.  Established in 1714 as a French Colony, in its central National Historic Landmark District it seems to have retained much of its European architecture, heritage and lifestyle.  Stretched along the banks of the beautiful Cane River, it is home to several Creole plantations.


  1. What a lovely place, and such history! The streets look so clean too.

    I did pick up on the one photo you took; the custom frame shop! Did you check it out/talk shop with the owner? I know you did this on your last trip, checking on the business climate for framing.

    1. Didn't talk to the owner but yes always interesting to see how the custom framing industry is faring.