Monday, March 9, 2015

Onward to Texas

We've had a couple of loooong travel days ...

After an early breakfast in Silver City Saturday morning we continued east, stopping briefly in Las Cruces to pick up a prescription for Jane, before driving onward to Texas.  

Arriving late, we overnighted at a KOA in Van Horn, TX.  Tired of driving, not wanting to look elsewhere, but not wanting to spring for their normal price of $38 a night, I asked for something cheaper, explaining that I really didn't need hookups.  I was very pleasantly surprised when they were good enough to let us stay for $25 in what is usually sold as a tent site.  

KOA Van Horn, TX - site #D1
The next morning, after a Texas style breakfast of biscuit, gravy and sausage at the KOA Kafe, our journey continued as far as Ozona.  This was not a planned stop, just us pulling off the highway to stretch our legs and let the dogs have a pee break.  Thank goodness we did stop!  Parked outside the Ozona Courthouse I discovered one of the rear tires was pretty much totally flat.  A call to Good Sam Roadside Assistance brought us two good ol' boys in a pickup truck.  The big guy wandered off, all the while chewing his stogie, while the young 'un worked on changing our tire.  At this point all seemed well, and we let the dawgs have another wander in the park:

Dawgs done peeing, everyone back in the Chinook, and off we go ... but not for very far!  It seems that the young 'un forgot to remove the jack after fitting the spare wheel.  So there's this bit of a crunch as we rode off the jack!  Fortunately no real harm seems to have been done - phew!  Just as I was about to call the Wrecker service to have them come pick up their jack, the young 'un comes hurtling up in another beat up truck (it seems they had had a contretemps with a deer earlier in the day), apologizes profusely, and says he only realized his mistake after the old guy had dropped him off at his motel.

The jack!
Not wanting to drive far without a spare we overnighted at Circle Bar truck stop & motel about 7.1/2 miles east of town - they have an RV site that was about 75% full at a cost of $40 a night but the motel clerk said it was OK to stay for free in their motel parking lot, which is what we did.

This morning we stopped off at a tire place in Ozona to get the deflated tire checked out - amazingly they could find nothing wrong!!!!   Could it have been a valve extender problem? Note to self:  Gotta check out all the valve stems and extenders when we get to Houston.

Fog and drizzle today most of the way to Fredericksburg.  Along the way we stopped for lunch at Coopers BBQ in Junction - the place looks like the food should be amazing, but the reality was a big disappointment - just not what you expect from TX BBQ - definitely not recommended!   

After doing a little antiquing in town this afternoon, tonight we are staying for free at the Gillespie Fairgrounds in Fredericksburg - great place for the dogs to run, no-one else around.


I forgot to mention we found a terrific rest area a few miles east of Sonora TX - free RV dump and potable water!

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  1. Yikes! What an experience and few days travel for everyone involved! So glad there was no damage on your rig with the jack! You know those "good old boys" better then most. Better a jack then some coyote under your wheel :-) Old fogee's stogie sure smells better then baby Anne's fanny!

    Sorry to hear about the disappointing grub stop. Looks more like a foundry then a grub shack. Of course, you would need a "cast iron" stomach to digest their vittles now, don't you think?