Wednesday, March 11, 2015


It's funny how you forget things over the years - and sometimes it's not so funny!

Years ago when we lived in Texas I knew only too well that when it rained the normally rock hard soil turned into 'gumbo' - an icky, sticky, sucky quagmire. 

Somehow I must have forgotten this elemental fact when we were about to depart Fredericksburg!  Leaving the large open grassy field in which we had been boondocking I foolishly took a little shortcut instead of following the gravel road the long way around.

As soon as the rig started to slip and slide long last knowledge came flooding back!  But by then it was it was too late!  We were stuck - sucked down by the gumbo, axle deep.

Fortunately for us, across the field, I found a couple of pieces of rotten old plywood.  By stuffing these under the wheels along with a tarpaulin that I had with me I gained just enough traction to get moving again.  Still slipping and sliding I had to keep moving.  I dared not slow down as we tried to claw our way out of the field.  Turning the wheel had no effect as I tried to steer away from a big boggy patch.  The only option seemed to be to keep the speed up and blast our way through.  And that's what we did.  Hurtling across the rest of the field, a kitchen cabinet flew open, dishes smashed to the floor.  But we reached the road!  Phew!

Thick red gumbo caked everything, plugged up the wheel arches, and inside the propane guard, and all around the dump valves, and even spattered the sides of the RV up to the roofline.

Texas gumbo  - not something to forget, not ever again!

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  1. Somehow I missed this post! What a sticky, gooey mess! You were like the Duke's of Hazard in the General Lee spinning wheels to get away from the sheriff while Daisy (also known as Joani) watched from afar.

    Glad you did not think of placing some of those kitchen plates under the wheels for traction, or even something furry too :-)

    Note to self: I should have done that upgrade to four wheel drive on the Chinook.