Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bisbee, AZ

We arrived in Bisbee this afternoon ...

In its glory days Bisbee was a thriving silver and copper mining town.  Today it is "a haven for artists, retirees, & hippies", and no doubt for property speculators too.  Despite its claim that "the city has transformed itself into the ideal spot for tourism" we found that many places in town were closed today, it being Sunday and all.

We had read that you could overnight in the parking lot for $15, but this appears not to be the case.  Not only is there a large sign slap bang in the middle of the parking lot professing "No Overnight RVs", but also one of the local merchants explained that it has not been zoned by the city for overnight stays.  So we've coughed up $30 a night to stay in the Queen Mine RV Park, located a short walk up above the town.  We squeaked into one of the last available spaces, discovered lots of friendly folks as neighbors, and were pleasantly surprised to find the park being managed in a very relaxed manner by a charming camp host and a particularly cute Manx cat.

Proving what a small world we all live in, it turns out that the aforesaid local merchant (an antique dealer) shares with us a common friendship with one of our former business associates back home in Tustin, CA.

Looking towards town from Queen Mine RV Park as sun sets 

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  1. Former Business Associate from Tustin? Antique Dealer? My ears are burning indeed? Intrigued I am right now dear friends. Can't wait to hear the story!