Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A little TLC ...

A little TLC for the Chinook at 43,975 miles - oil change, replace air filter, check tire condition (OK), check transmission fluid (OK), replace leaking AC Schrader fill valve, evacuate & recharge freon.

I liked the friendly, efficient service I received from Elite RV in Humble, TX.


  1. Since you had the encounter with the mud at that campsite, do you have to check the back wheels and such, dirt collected there, or did you hose it all off okay?

    1. Torrential Houston rain washed away a lot. I hosed the mud away from the propane tank and dump valves. Next week I'll do a full wash before we head north.

  2. That is convenient! I remember finding a junk car and it has so much caked on mud on it, I actually reduce the weight of the vehicle by about 40 pounds by hosing it down.