Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wickenburg, AZ

Albeit shallow ones, we're putting down roots for a few days here in Wickenburg, AZ.  We arrived Thursday thinking we'd spend just one night but found we liked both the town and where we are staying, started to talk about lingering for a while, and then Dexter decided things for us - not in a good way.  We are still not sure of the cause but he developed a decidedly unpleasant problem with his digestive tract.  I'll spare the gory details, but basically whatever went down gushed back in volumes ... from both ends!  Suffice it to say, a problem not at all easy to deal with in the middle of the night in a small RV!!!!!  Fortunately a visit to Wickenburg Veterinary Clinic solved the problem and once more we have a happy, healthy pup.

Even though we are completely "hoofless" we have settled into "Horspitality", an equine focused resort.  It's a very friendly place with plenty of space to walk the mutts, and some useful practical amenities (laundry, hot showers).

Today we drove out to nearby Congress - not much there other than some roadside stalls, and an interesting old codger by name of Ed who has owned the Congress Trading Post since the year dot.

Heading another nine miles north we came to Yarnell where we did a little antiquing, and bought a jar of Frog jam ... no not made from little hopping critters, but from Figs, Raspberries, Oranges, and Ginger.

Maybe we'll leave Horspitality tomorrow, maybe we'll stay one more day.  We'll decide in the morning.

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  1. JANET AND I HAVE BEEN THERE! No, not Dexter's "ugly things from both ends" episode, but traveling and stopping in Wickenburg! So sorry that Dexter had problems, glad you found a Vet in the local area. Does she nibble on plants when you take her for a walk?

    That white Chrysler LeBaron convertible has been on that lot for years; I am surprised the canvas top has not rotted away by now. I see an outdoor flea market, nice place to pick up some goodies. Casual Patek tossed into a wicker basket with some fake silver jewelry, cast away for a few dollars as it looks "dirty" or "worn." One never knows what treasures the deserts will reveal.

    If you keep going to People's Valley, there is a memorial to those fire fighters that lost their lives, that whole group of fire jumpers, a few years ago.