Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Leaving Wickenburg behind us on Sunday, we made our way to Tucson where we have settled in at Casino Del Sol for a few days of free camping.  We have plenty of space in their parking lot, and have found a nearby 'Giant Shell' where we can dump and take on fresh water for free, so not a bad spot.  We are also conveniently close a Petsmart (for Dexter's food), Walgreens (for Jane's prescription), and a Costco is not too far away (for Joanie's food and paper towels).

Yesterday we forayed into Old Town where we visited an artisans' collective, enjoyed home made ginger sodas & polenta fries, and strolled around some of the more interesting buildings.

We found any number of these beautiful flowers adorning one of the old buildings:

At the artisans' collective Jane found an original acrylic that she liked, and we are still debating whether or not to 'invest'.  Entitled 'José the Crying Pig' the painting tells the story of when this soulful critter was brought to the US from Mexico, only to be turned away at the border because he forgot his papers.  He is crying because as soon as he gets gets back to his Mexican home he will be turned into bacon.

This morning we were surprised to be awakened by a fairly heavy rain storm - not at all what we were expecting in Arizona!  Here's today's rain soaked view from the RV:

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  1. Well, it might be bacon in Mexico, but here in the U.S. there are tastier alternatives such as pork loin, rump roast, and let us not forget crispy pig ears. The best part is that you get USDA "paperwork" with every delicious morsel. Problem solved!