Thursday, February 19, 2015

Parker, AZ

Yesterday we left California behind us, but only by a whisker.  We inched over the border into Arizona at Parker, which is located smack dab on the Colorado River.

Initially, based on our reading of the Frugal Shunpikers Guide to RV Boondocking, we had thought of staying at La Paz County Park, but when we checked it out we found the riverfront spaces jammed together so tight that you could nearly reach out and touch your neighbor - not our style.  There was plenty of dry camping space in their dirt/grass area up by the road, but why pay $15 to do that when there was a better option close by.

We moseyed back towards town a few miles and swung into Blue Water Resort and Casino, where we found plenty of wide open space.  Not only was it free to stay but also they gave us $10 of free gambling money, a chance to win $100 (we didn't) and a couple of tickets for a free breakfast buffet.

Enjoying a sundowner


  1. Yes, by a whisker! Barely out of California! So, were the picture is of your Chinook above, is this a dirt road that parallels the river/over the dirt embankment, or are you looking at Colorado River on the left hand side?

    Sorry to hear you did not win $100 on $10, but that rare antique you will find on this trip may give you a return over 100 times, hopefully!

    1. We were at the top end of the casino's parking lot, just beyond the paved area, looking down the slope to the casino which sits right on the AZ side of the river

  2. Oh, got it! Thanks. Nice to know how you positioned yourself on the property. Nice and private it looks, but you get a view of the casino and the river!