Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursdays - Always good for a giggle!

When we are not on the road we have a home in a retirement community.  It's a safe city, in fact its a very safe city.   Crime, such as it is, rarely rises to a level beyond the innocuous, and quite frequently is not even a crime at all.  A recurring example - someone misplaces an item, yet, due to a lapse in memory, thinks and reports that they have been the victim of a theft.

So, with that said, this brings us to the subject of today's post - Thursdays.

Thursdays are always good for a giggle.  It's the day our local paper publishes weekly crime reports in a column entitled "Police Blotter".

But first, to convey just how safe our community really is, it's worth taking a peek at City-Data's Crime Rate for the last decade.  For our city this metric has consistently ranged between 28.5 and 56.0, versus the national average of around 300.  To further put this into context, Irvine CA, which in 2014 was rated by Parenting Magazine as one of the top ten safest cities in America, scored between 89.4 and 147.6 for the same ten year period (relatively whopping numbers).

Back to our "Police Blotter", here are a few recent entries, all worthy of at least a grin, perhaps even a mighty chuckle.  Enjoy!

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