Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It actually works!

Wow!  It actually works!  

Rather, I should say TWO things actually work!  Two amazingly useful 'tricks', and here they are:

Trick #1

Some time ago I read on an RV forum about a 'trick' to get Amazon to deliver to a Post Office as General Delivery.

Normally you can't get general delivery service from Amazon, because general delivery can only be delivered by USPS, and Amazon can't or won't tell you which shipper they will use (usually UPS?).  However i
n Amazons FAQ's it says that if you write out the words "Post Office Box" in the shipping address, their standard delivery system will recognize it and automatically ship the package by USPS.

to trick Amazon into shipping general delivery simply write the address as:  Your Name, Post Office Box General Delivery, City, State Zip-9999.  I just tried it and lo and behold it actually works!  A minor miracle seeing that we will soon be making an extended road trip and Amazon is our go-to place for virtually anything we need that can't be sourced locally.
Trick #2

At lunch today Jane placed a hot pie dish on a wooden trivet thinking it would adequately protect the table.  The trivet in question has six 6" slots milled through it, possibly for decorative purposes, but more probably under the misguided notion that airflow is a good thing where trivets are concerned.  How wrong that is!  On moving the dish what did we find?  Six large white marks scorched into the table directly under the six open slots of the trivet.   Yikes! 

Fortunately Google is your friend and a quick search outlined an approach I would never have thought of, not in a million years.  Apply more heat!  Albeit in a controlled fashion.  Here's how:

Take a clean white cloth that's not too thick and place it over the white marks.  Apply a steam iron set on steam to the cloth over the damaged area!!! 

Holding my breath, I applied the iron for maybe 15 or 20 seconds and then checked to see how it was going.  I repeated this regimen two or three times, and quite amazingly the white marks disappeared!!!  

I finished up by very lightly rubbing the area with a low abrasion cleaner (the stuff I use on my glass cook-top), cleaned the area with a mild detergent solution to ensure no residue remained,  dried thoroughly, applied a coat of Briwax to the whole table top, and buffed to a high sheen.  If you look very closely you can still see a little surface damage, but from any normal distance it looks fine.  

Whew!  What a narrow escape!  For Jane that is!  :)    

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  1. Hallelujah! Praise be the eternal belief in "The System" that actually works! Miracles do happen, but the question remains; did you hear a ringing bell upon successful delivery? As you know, when a bell rings, an Angel earns it wings!

    Indeed a very narrow escape for poor Jane! The ripples that this social faux pas could create by having such steam lines on one's table could have dire consequences for future entertaining endeavors, but
    rest assured, friends such as us are very accepting of the situation and look forward to another fabulous dining experience! We need to visit the kitty and the dogs too!