Monday, January 26, 2015


With the kitchen remodel behind us the house is pretty much done and we're counting the days till we can leave on our next adventure.  We've a few other matters to finish up before heading out and have tentatively targeted Presidents' Day for our departure.

Apart from wrapping up taxes and a number of personal items there are a few things I want to get done on the Chinook before we leave.  Yesterday I thoroughly cleaned the exterior (cleaning the roof and roof mounted equipment was a bit challenging and took a fair bit of time), which leaves the following still to be done:
  • Detail the interior 
  • Jettison any non-essential stuff that we didn't use on the last trip
  • Fit the rear view camera that I picked up as a Christmas present to myself
  • Perform an equalization of the coach batteries
  • Flush the fresh water system and replace the anode in the water heater
  • Figure out how to rig some kind of UV cover on the roof rack (on the last trip UV did quite a number on our folding chairs that we kept stored on the rack)
  • Figure out best way to haul our folding bike up onto the roof rack
  • Treat some rust on the rear steps, and lubricate same
  • Normal maintenance check (fluids, tire pressures)

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