Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wait State

Right now, on Day Nine, the remodel is in something of a wait state ... we're waiting on granite, which in turn is waiting for the rain to stop so that the granite guy can work outside.  We're waiting on the tile guy who instead of getting the floor done first is apparently now scheduled to do his entire job (floor and back-splash) in one go after the granite is done.  We're waiting on appliance installation which cannot be entirely done till the floor tile is done.  We're waiting on the contractor to swap out a couple of the cabinet doors that should have had opaque glass fronts.  We're also waiting on electrical to be finished, waiting on some pull-out shelves that were not delivered with the rest of the cabinets, waiting on some extra crown moulding, waiting on a few other cabinet bits and pieces, and of course all of the above has to be done before they can tackle all the minor finishing tasks, painting and whatnot.  In the meantime our local restaurants are getting a nice bit of extra trade!

1 comment:

  1. I guess the local restaurants are "waiting" on you a bit more too :-)