Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Me and my girl

Hanging out together, keeping out of the way of contractors working on the remodel:


  1. Almost a vacation for Joani, sleeping on the bed! She still have very attentive ears, perhaps listening to the noises of the men working in the kitchen.

    1. Normally she is never allowed on beds or sofas, but she requested special dispensation today so that we could be photographed together on my birthday!

  2. YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM JANET AND I! Yes, special dispensation for Joani! Our cat is not allowed in our house, only the guest bathroom, but somehow she got loose, but I only saw the "evidence" of her roaming later; our master bed comforter had small "paw" indentations on it, like you see those fossilized dinosaur tracks in stone that were mud millions of years ago evidence of a kitty who walked across it. I had to clean the comforter.