Friday, December 5, 2014

Looking Ahead

Current thinking for the next odyssey - beginning sometime after the holidays, head east, spend some time in the desert, visit our family in TX, head north through TN, experience the Amish, continue through New England, into New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island; return down the eastern seaboard through the Carolinas to Florida, another visit with the family in TX before heading home. Can't wait!


  1. Awesome Trip! Quick question I am sure everyone would like to know; car/RV insurance in Canada, special policy?

  2. You need a Canadian Non-Resident Insurance Certificate in addition to your standard insurance card. Canada has some of the highest auto insurance minimums in the world $200,000 in all provinces except Quebec and Nova Scotia (which are $50,000 and $500,000 respectively.) The non-resident certificate signifies that your insurance company will cover you up to the mandatory limits while driving in Canada.

    In a similar vein, Medicare does not provide coverage in Canada (unless traveling through Canada without unreasonable delay by the most direct route between Alaska and another state), so I will need to get medical travel insurance.

  3. Wow, I did not think of the Medicare angle! What about your supplemental, will you have to also have a rider for that?

    I remember working for my old boss in the pen business and he told me that unless you own your car outright, pink slip in hand, you can't drive a car/RV or whatever into Canada because the finance company forbids foreign travel of "their" property.