Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas or New Year????

Day Thirteen, and progress on the kitchen remodel is dragging ...

Completion for New Year should be a slam dunk, but Christmas maybe not so much!!!!!

The tile guy was here yesterday working on the tumbled Travertine back splash, but he ran out of material before he could finish, and he won't be back till Monday (22nd).  Once he's done with tiling the back splash he has to rip up several floor tiles before laying new ones. Not sure if he can get all that done in one day, but even if he can he won't be able to grout till Tuesday (23rd), which means the earliest the refrigerator and dish washer can be installed is Christmas Eve (if in fact they are working that day).  Also I'm assuming the back splash grout needs a day to dry before it is sealed.

Apart from that the electrics and plumbing need to be finalized, there is quite a bit of work needed on the cabinetry (a couple of doors changed for ones with opaque glass panels, end panels re-worked, crown moulding finished, inside cabinet drawers fitted, sliding trash fitment installed, oven cabinet reworked with an extra drawer, handles installed, etc.), and then there's lots of final cleanup to be done.

On top of which, this morning I had a call from the contractor saying the guy who was scheduled to work today has called in sick!

Will Santa deliver Jane's Christmas gift of a new kitchen?  It's looking pretty doubtful!

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  1. Oh No! This is not good! Sick contractor is not good either!
    Maybe Hanukah Harry instead of Santa Claus can help you get the kitchen done in time :-)