Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chaos Reigns

Today I'm mindful of the expression "Order is the Dream of Man; Chaos is the Law of Nature" ...

Before leaving on our next trip in the Chinook we are taking care of a few things at home that have been on our wish list for a very long time, the most significant of which is a complete kitchen makeover:

Unwrapping and assembling the new fridge:
Peeling off the protective plastic is a major pain,
and I'm now having to do it for a second time!
The old refrigerator was carted off a few days ago, a new one arrived and was temporarily parked in the living room pending demolition of the old kitchen counter-tops and cabinets, but then we found that the new fridge didn't cool below 43°, so last night its replacement arrived.  Because we didn't want to turn on the new one for 24 hours just in case they had transported it on its side, we had to move the contents of the faulty fridge and freezer to the Chinook.  We just kept a few things in the house in a cool box.

Demolition starts Monday, so in preparation we have dumped most of the contents of the existing kitchen cabinets into the second bedroom.  Living room furniture is pushed to one corner, in the midst of which the new refrigerator now sits awaiting assembly of handles, shelving, and such.   Over the weekend we'll somehow find homes for pictures, clocks, and anything else that needs to be kept away from the dust of demolition.

During demolition, the building of a new wall, tiling, plumbing, and installation of the new cabinets, counter-tops and whatnot we'll be half living in the house, half living in the Chinook parked outside.  It's going to be chaos!  We've been told that everything will be done in ten days, but we were also told that work would start December 1st, so we'll just have to wait and see!

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