Thursday, November 13, 2014

Two Thirty

An old joke sprang to mind this week ...

Q.    What time is it when a Chinese man goes to the dentist?
A.    Two Thirty*

Yep, for me it's been a week of dental woe!

Some mild pain in #20 the last few days prompted a visit yesterday to my regular dentist to check things out.  And yes, my appointment with Bryan really was at two thirty!  After an X-ray and lots of probing he referred me to Steve, a top-notch endodontist, who I visited this afternoon.  Steve's a fellow RVer recently back from a trip to Yellowstone and Glacier, so we had lots to chat about!  Sadly, however, the tooth is cracked vertically so there is no way to save it.  Thus, tomorrow I'm off to see Bryan's favorite oral surgeon who will assess the possibility of an implant.  If the bone structure is sufficiently viable then extraction and implant preparation will be performed Monday; if not it'll be yanked tomorrow.

And one last thought ... what I'll spend replacing #20 with an implant would otherwise pay for a suspension lift on the Chinook plus a very sexy aluminum off-road bumper to protect the front end.  C'est la vie!

* And just in case you don't get it ... Tooth Hurty 

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  1. Oh no! You won't get your suspension lift on your RV! Sure, teeth are important, but you need that lift on your RV. I say we start a Kickstarter fund project for the RV lift, okay?