Monday, November 3, 2014

She's at it again!

In years gone by, when the kids were young, they and I dreaded those mornings, those terrible arduous mornings, that would come along every once in a while.  Expecting a perfectly normal day instead we'd hear Jane declare "hey, I think we should move a few things around"!  One poor kid would get uprooted and moved into a different bedroom, moving its former occupant to another, and so on.  It was like dominoes slowly falling, and continuing to fall, one disruptive change sparking another, then another, then another.  It would take days to complete, and months for everyone to readjust.  

Well she's at it again!

Three days into this particular sea-change I'm still not done.  Furniture has been moved, the dogs have been displaced to quarters new looking just as confused as the kids did in times gone by, and pictures have been rehung.  Old nail holes await filling and repainting, and there are decisions to be made on a pile of stuff that somehow no longer fits.  Oy vey!

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